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Aug 13, 2007

Grilling Necessities, What's Missing?

Options in the works:


Side Storage Table


Joel Norberg said...

Congrats, Trent! This is no doubt, the coolest BBQ I’ve seen. Excellent craftsmanship and detail. Love it! Joel Norberg

Anonymous said...

Could you build me a grill that works on green energy? :)

Shayleen said...

Ok, how do I get one?? Seriously. I'm in LOVE with this thing and all my guy friends would flip if they saw me with one of these. Yes, I'm a girl, but I'm a huge car buff! Really.....I've got to have one!

Anonymous said...

Well Trenton I know my Daddy would be so proud of you and I'm sure would have been first in line to buy one - after he checked the engine of course. Love ya, your cousin Cathy. I am telling everyone I know about this!

Anonymous said...

How a bout a smoker, built into a transmisson?

Or a smoker setup, where the firebox is the transmission, and you cook briskets under the headers.

gene said...

how much would you be willing to make and sell one of these for. definatly coolest grill ive ever seen. you could even make one for charcoal, using the oil pan to hold the charcoal and an extra larg oil plug to dump the ashes. think you could make one from a 426 hemi or a ford windsor as well.
email me if you can perkacet190@yahoo.com